Strand of 50 WS2811 Programmable Waterproof LEDs

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50 Bright and Beautiful programmable LEDs. This strip is compatible with our LED controllers. It requires 5v to power it and needs to get its data from an LED controller. The LEDs are IP67 rated waterproof and the wire colors come in green, black, or RGB. Comes with a 3pin JST Connector on both ends to extend LED displays if necessary. This strip allows each LED to be individually programmed any color. Different modes and patterns can be applied to create "moving" effects. These LEDs are already diffused so the colors blend very well together. This LED strand is perfect to put on a home decoration, around the house inside or outside for accent lighting, to be used on a wearable item, costume, flag, totem, sign, prop, or any accessory that you want to light up!

Item Type: LED Modules
Length: 10cm
Width: 12mm
Certification: CE,CCC,RoHS
Height: 12mm
Model Number: ws2811 module
Features: 0.3W/pcs
Voltage: DC5V

Please allow 2-3 weeks for product arrival

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