5m Strip of EL Wire with 2xAA Controller

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 5-meter of a flexible strip of EL wire. This wire can be used in costumes, in your car, on a flag, totem, sign, and more. EL wire can be cut to any length but something must cover the exposed end (hot glue is an easy option). The EL wire creates a neon-like glow that is uniform throughout the entire wire, unlike LEDs where "dots" can be seen wherever the light is coming from.

The controller that comes with the wire powers the wire using 2xAA batteries and has 3 modes:


  • Solid on
  • Blinking
  • Fast Blinking

The battery life for the 2xAA batteries is about 12 hours

Power Source: 2xAA
Certification: CCC
Body Material: Plastic
Is Batteries Included: No
Voltage: 3V
Light Source: EL Wire


Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


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