New Year, New Music

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Ah, it’s that time of year again. A new year means new music.

2022 started off strong with many events ringing in the new year from coast to coast. From virtual performances, multi-night events and stacked lineups, the dance music world had a lot of excitement on the first day of January. Within the first week of the year, tons of new songs will be breaking through the airwaves.

One track that really caught our attention is “Tal Rasha” by RED7AIL & CNDYCNB. It features Middle Eastern nuances, big room beats and some surprising drops that keep your interest piqued. “Tal Rasha”, the follow up to the two artist’s first release “Broken by Design”, is set to debut this Friday, January 7th. You can pre-save it here.


While your dancing feet eagerly anticipate tapping to the beat, RED7AIL prepared a new EDM playlist filled with an hour of his current favorites. The playlist features artists like Detunne, Reggio and Maddix. You can checkout RED7AIL’s Picks on Spotify.

We all had high hopes for 2021 that may not have come to fruition. Here’s to hoping 2022 exceeds our expectations! Happy New Year!

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