Rave Craving’s Debut Release

It goes without saying that 2020-2021 has been weird. The rave community still celebrates releases, livestreams and drive-in concerts to get by. Popular festival mascot, RaveMan of Rave Cravings, has something new and exciting to celebrate: the debut release of his record label! 

Released February 19th, 2021, Rave Cravings’ first release on the label comes as “Broken by Design”. A collaborative effort between Dayton, Ohio’s CNDYCNB and RED7AIL, Broken by Design brings the listeners into an interstellar journey that’s dancy and emotional. With lyrics referencing the human condition and what it’s like to exist in imperfection, the tune is layered by robotic synthesizer arpeggios and a subtle yet groovy down beat. 

RED7AIL recounts the making of his debut release, being “inspired by the music that ignited [his] passion for DJing, and ultimately got [him] into music production”. He describes “Broken by Design” as having, “high energy and pounding drums”, stating “big room is alive and well”. 

RED7AIL in Dayton, OH

CNDYCNB said he found vocal samples that he connected with. He used those and the melodic elements to create a story of love.

CNDYCNB with cassette tape necklace

You can stream the release here. Along with the debut release, Rave Cravings curated multiple EDM/rave playlists that you can shuffle along to, all available on Spotify. Be sure to follow the new playlists by RaveMan!

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