Raving in Restriction

A list of the many ways our rave communities stay connected during lockdown

There is much to say about how the COVID-19 pandemic is shaping the modern world. From stay-at-home orders, mandatory quarantines, mask requirements and other restrictions. People in all nations shut their doors, closed their businesses and held their breath hoping for the best. To some, it seems like live music, festivals, concerts or other big celebrations may never see the light of day. Through all of the pandemic, the global community still came together.

            In the age of information and technology of which we currently exist, our communities were brought together through platforms like Zoom, Face-Time, Discord, Twitch, TikTok and more.

Here’s some ways our rave communities, artists and fans alike, survive these trying times and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, to remember that we are all in this together ❤


  • Chris Lake (a popular electronic music DJ and producer from Britain) randomly joined zoom meetings with fans.


  • Many newer musicians seized the opportunity to host online streams of their performances via the likes of Twitch, Facebook and YouTube, gracing the digital stages of different viewers. A friend of ours: tri.cat, is doing a live stream February 14th, 2021 at 9pm EST via Twitch, check it out here!


  • Music festivals are hosting virtual festivals with multiple days, stages and artists. Electric Daisy Carnival, an Insomniac event, has over 1.5M+ viewers who watched their virtual Rave-a-thon and was engaging with viewers during the stream. Viewers dance, shuffle, spin poi, and send in videos partying at home.


  • People all over the world are struggling and have been for some time. Some groups of DJs have come together to raise money via fundraising streams! A popular fundraising stream, Home Alone Cbus, has raised over $1,500 for Nationwide Children’s Hospital and covers other medical bills for members of their community. Check out their Twitch channel here.


  • Many countries have enacted strict stay-at-home orders, forcing artists and ravers alike to stay in their houses for just short of a year. While locked up, a lot of artists took the opportunity to work on new music, cultivate new projects and share their new endeavors with the world. The popular festival mascot, RaveMan, has been reaching out to artists he has gotten to know with the goal to share and curate great music for all Ravers out there! The debut Rave Cravings track “Broken by Design” by CNDYCNB and RED7IAL, will be released on February 19th, 2021. Pre-Save on Spotify is available here.


  • Plugged into our devices, people who usually weren’t connected are now coming to know each other through a digital lens. Popular video app TikTok has seen the rise of new dancers and musicians alike. Notably, @anniorwhoever, a techno lover from Germany, catapulted her music tastes to the TikTok stage by creating relatable “raver in lockdown” videos. Anni shares her favorite techno music with her personally curated EDM playlists on Spotify.

The whole world over has come up against great struggles. Nevertheless, our rave communities stay connected in ways old and new.

Let’s work together to continue building up our Rave community!

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